Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Due to the fact that I'm going back hometown on Chinese New Year's eve, I must get ready my CNY clothes before going back. Final exam's coming soon and next week is my study week. In order to focus on my study later, I went to hunt for CNY clothes earlier today.

Despite my target for today's shopping, Christmas mood is deep within me. (:

The beautiful X'mas decorations at the mall. ^__^

Just love the deco so much. Two X'mas trees. A snowman. Reindeers. There's actually a Santa riding on a sleigh behind those deers. Simply gorgeous!

Also, the deco was spinning slowly and steadily. Cool!

There was a booth providing a sensor gaming machine (don't know the correct name) for the visitors around to play for FREE~ These two kids impressed me alot with their dance moves. Cute!

This is me trying out new clothes in the fitting room.
Not buying it (quite expensive to me) so I took a picture as comfort.
See that disappointed face? > . <

Anyway, I did manage to buy some clothes and heels. Can't wait till CNY~whee~

Last but not least, Merry Christmas once again people!
May all your wishes come true :)

Here are two songs I personally addicted to on this year's X'mas.
Feel free to listen ^^

Taylor Swift's Christmas Must Be Something More. Very meaningful lyrics. :D

Sungha Jung's fingerstyle version of Last Christmas :)
p/s: I am so in love with Sungha Jung!!! <3


Mr Lonely said...

great outing.. liked the snowman picture~ =D

DeCloud said...

merry xmas :)

DeCloud said...

merry xmas :)

DeCloud said...

merry xmas :)

roffe said...

When is Chines new year?