Thursday, December 22, 2011


This year's Winter Solstice Festival I made Tangyuan by myself for the first time cos I am not at my hometown together with my family.

This was my first try. Made it last night. Used milo powder as coloring since I don't have any other ingredients with me and this was the only method I could think of. It turned out quite okay but the taste was abit weird. Not really suitable to me.

Second try. All white. Woke up at 7am just to make this even though didn't get enough sleep yet. I wanted to share with friends so I made a lot. The taste was just so-so since I didn't use much ingredients. Even the soup was not sweet enough because I was running out of sugar. Duhh.

Packed the fresh-from-hotpot tangyuans into containers and delivered to friends' houses at around 8.30am. The weather was cold and it was really heart-warming to have hot tangyuans as breakfast that time. I'm glad my friends felt the warmth and I felt like being a Santa that morning somehow. Haha.

This was when I was about to go to class after deliveries. Was surprised when I saw this cat sleeping comfortably on the chair surrounded by tons of clothes. I bet it felt cold too and was having its hibernation. Though it had made the clothes dirty I didn't dare to chase it away cos it was such pitiful-looking. I was late to class because of this lol. Stared too long time at it wtf. Not forgetting to take a quick snap of the scene before it finally noticed me peeking at it sleeping. :P

Anyway, Happy DongZhi Festival everyone! :)

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