Monday, November 28, 2011

Programming Phobia


TMC1413 Introduction to Programming
Assignment 2
Due Date: 21st December 2011

  • To demonstrate the ability of students to construct a console program that stores the user data in the array(s).
  • To demonstrate the ability of students to use string functions in a console program.
  • To demonstrate the ability of students to update the array data in a console program.

Problem Statement(s):

Using an ATM, customers can access their bank accounts in order to credit/debit cash and check their account balances. You have to write a C program to implement a simple ATM for 1000 customers. Initially you have to store the account number (int), password (6-digit int) and balance (float) for each customer using array(s). Then the program asks user to input account number and password. If the customer is valid then he/she would be permitted to credit/debit cash or check the balance. Finally, update the balance after each transaction. Remember that the balance cannot be negative. Also write the code to display user-friendly messages when it is needed. Use at least one array to implement it.

  1. A bug-freed C console program (source code & exe file).
  2. A flow-chart or pseudocode for the program
  3. Hardcopy Program Code

  • Any student caught plagiarizing will be penalized. The marks of the assignment will be averaged by the number of students copying the same code.
  • Any student that submit later than the given due date will only receive 50% of the marks given.
  • Assignment is to be submitted through Morpheus.

Marking Schemes:
  1. Completeness of Program (2%)
  2. Program able to receive input from user (2%)
  3. Correct implementation of searching/comparison (2%)
  4. Update balance data (2%)
  5. Display appropriate messages (2%)


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