Saturday, July 23, 2011

Last Friday Night

Tell you the truth, I am so lazy to update my blog nowadays. I got tons of things in my mind that I would love to share it here but my laziness kept me from doing so. Pardon me kay. =P

-i know i should get a haircut but im still waiting for it to be longer-

This picture above was taken last night (with my mouth full) at Station One Kuching. It was my first time paying there a visit. I have been longing to go there but only last night I got the opportunity. Thanks to a new friend that I've just met, Justin, for bringing me and my friend out. =]

Talking about him, there's a story behind how did we know each other. According to him, he stumbled upon my blog one day when he googled about blue roses stuff. Out of curiosity he searched for my name in facebook and saw the same picture I was using for my blogger profile. So he pm-ed me to check whether am I the owner of the blog. When I saw his message I was a bit surprised but without hesitation I replied him that I am the blogger. He added me in fb after that. That was the time when his appearance amazed me. Why? Because from his profile I realized that we actually go to the same university!! How coincidence was that? xD Though we are from different faculty. But still, it was way too coincidence for me. The Earth is small indeed. ^~^

Then we started to chat in fb. Not that much but sometimes. Well I can't reveal too much about him cos he's quite a low profile person. Anyway, last night was our first meeting and it was me who suggested the place to dine. I felt quite sorry for him cos he didn't really enjoy the atmosphere of the place. The lighting all. But it's not just him. Actually I felt a bit headache after dined due to the noisiness coming from people's loud voices all around. I couldn't really enjoy the performances so I went back earlier than I expected. The performances were good though. *thumbs up*

I guess the next time I go there I will just have a drink and have fun watching the performances. Peace.


Mary said...

hi =D

that's nice =D

how you two met each other =D

just try to upload more if you can =D



shaz said...

Sweetie!! ;)
The world is small or should say, our country is small indeed! Haha..
All the best between u n him kay! *giggles* xD hahaha..
btw, thanks so much for still supporting me on my blogging/writing style. <3 Yeap 'blogger' looks cool but some of them misused it :( anyway, just be ourselves and no matter there's anyone reading our posts or not, we're still known as the real blogger!! Yay!! xD
Cheers n all the best to u too! <3

EeSoon said...

it's a small world after all ~~~
maybe one day we will meet each other in real life. haha~

domokun said...

haha.. so cute the way u noe each other>< all the best ya you two <3 heeehee XP

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

Haha I thought of Katy Perry's song when I saw your title. =P

You looks cute in the picture, like it ~ :D

Thristhan said...

What an experience :). Wish you both all the best ya?

Magdalene Blue Rose said...

mary: geez thanks~ well it's not that i dont wanna upload more...just that i dont have enough pictures...didn't take much pictures...huhu

shaz: LOL it's not like what u think la...i was just fascinated by how we knew each other...nothing else...we're just friends...=] btw you're welcome! cheers~

eesoon: yeah hope that day will come true...xD

domokun: lol thanks for the comment...^ ^

fang: yep i purposely wrote that as title to attract people LOL. btw thanks for the compliment~ xD

thristhan: thanks friend =]

Baby Gurl said...

Haa mag,know someone so secretly...^^
When you want to share?hehehehe...