Monday, June 13, 2011

Learning Nihongo in Progress

Currently I'm taking Japanese Language Level 1 as my first elective course.

That means no holiday for me 'cause I'm taking intersession.

So hardworking, huh? =P

But it's okay 'cause I'm lovin' it~ <3

-hiragana vs katagana-

Fyi, I can read/write Hiragana and Katagana characters now.

Oh yeah~


Mr Lonely said...

nice ~ all the best in learning ~

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

Woww nice ~ It's very helpful in your future no matter in your life or your carrier. I just know the basic of nihongo such as how to intro myself using nihongo.. =P

By the way, nihongo is Japanese language right if i'm not mistaken?? If I'm wrong dun laugh me oh... =D

TcPinG said...

Hey, I took that before too! I directly ignore the katakana! It's not useful at all. Haha! All the best ya!! =D

Casley said...

aww this is great!! i've learn hiragana by myself.. its pretty hard.. have fun learning sweetie.. gambatek!! ^^

Magdalene Blue Rose said...

MrLonely: thanks! =]

fang: hehe...actually level 1 just basic only...but i get to know how to read/write la..that's the difference...b4 this i learn how to speak only thru watching anime...haha...i think we're same...^0^ btw ya Nihongo means Japanese language. =]

TcPing: oh is it? wow cool~ ya katagana no test so no need know wakaka...but need to know too if u wanna write something in foreign languages...cant use hiragana o...haha...anyway thanks for the wish! xD

Casley: hehe thanks...i think it's easy to learn if u attending courses...learning by oneself sure will be harder lo..just like i learn guitar by myself...cant become a pro like that...huhu...ganbatte to you too in everything that you do! ^___^

ngalor ngidul said...

thanx 4 support me...

Grysh said...

I wanted to take Japanese as my elective before but there weren't any slots left so i was forced to take Spanish instead. I like Spanish but I think I would have enjoyed Japanese more since I've been in love with Japanese Culture since I can remember.

John said...

i learn those b4. but is private tuition. hiragana useful. katakana not so useful.


interesting! can u teach me? whee :)

Miss N said...

I've gone for 7weeks of japanese class before and seriously it's damn tough...I still couldnt understand a dialog..sad..

support you...jiayou.

Keiichi Niwa said...

My Japanese proficiency:
Plus minus 1% =w="

Magdalene Blue Rose said...

Grysh: oh Spanish? i love Spanish too!! but sadly there's no offer in my university so I don't have the chance to take it up. But i love Japanese more than Spanish too so I'm glad that I'm taking it up. ^ ^

John: oh wow...u even went to learn Jap privately? seems like u love it very much. so can u speak jap fluently now? O.o

Kidd: LOL i haven't mastered it myself yet. xP

MissN: only 7 weeks?? i think it's not that tough to me...cos i love japanese since i started watching quite easy for me to understand as i used to watching anime talking in jap...xD now only learn how to read/write loh~

Kei: HAHAHAHAHA u shud know what...i thought u know...cos u're anime maniac! xD