Sunday, December 5, 2010

imoto-chan の birthday gift

I bought a duckling couple from the wet market today as a birthday gift for my little sister. We used up lots of time and energy to build a secure cage for our new pets this evening. It's our job to protect them from the predators(cats). Street cats were coming like mad when they heard our ducklings' chuckles. I was pissed off and threw a bucket of water at them. Splash!!! WAHAHAHAHAHA

Of all the animals, I hate cats the most. This is all because there was once a cat from nowhere 'shit' on my lovely flowerpot. Imagine that...gross!! But what's even gross is that I touched it!!! O.O Ewwww...cos I thought it was soil!! I will never forget the moment my fingers on it. Disgusting!!! Thinking back makes me feel like vomiting. Urghhhh...orz. Since then I love to scare off cats whenever I see one. And that's how the story goes...~.~

Back to our ducklings. Well I have nothing more to say about them except they're soooo CUTE!! LOL. oh ya, they enjoy swimming. I can stare at them for few hours just to watch them swimming. Their cuteness can really melt my heart~ ^ ^

Anyway, tanjobi omedeto gozaimasu imoto-chan!!

3 more papers to go! Ganbatte ne!



Mr Lonely said...

lol.. duck !!.. urm.. +u in exam.. =D

shaz said...

You bought a duck??!!!! wow!! haha.. a real cute one tho! :DD

Kelvin Tan said...

Hontou kawaii you ne. XD

: : - LoLLy - : : said...

wahh... so cute of your duck.. :D

--andy-- said...

ducking? first time i hear duck for pet :)

EeSoon said...

ducky ducky~~~
so cute!
I dislike cats too... Grrrr them!

Magdalene Heuk Salvatore said...

Mr Lonely: thanks~ ^ ^

shaz: yes duck...heheh thanks~ xD

Kelvin: arigatou~ ^ ^

fang: really is~ xD

andy: it's duckling andy lol...well it's a pet for now but will be eaten later when they grow up...LOL xD

eesoon: yeah another cat haters~ xD

zAza said...


but i love cats too...=P

Sean Grey Hanson said...

Aww thats cute. chic are cute and i love em.

Giane said...

I cant stop laughing at your story. Many love to tamed cats as their pets however, you feel it like the whole world its the end of the world whenever you see and touch a cat. wahahahaha.

Magdalene Heuk Salvatore said...

zaza: haha thanks! sorry but i hate cats...> <

sean: hehe thanks. i prefer duckling rather than chick though. xD

giane: LOL im glad i made you laugh!! xD true, but i can't help was gross to touch their 'shit'!! imagine that~ >"<