Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blog Award #2

First of all, I would like to thank both Sherry and Mindy for giving me this award below.

It looks like a gold medal to me somehow. Haha.

p/s: Sorry for the late tagging, Sherry. ^ ^"

Another blogger whom I'd like to thank is LuPorTi, the one who gave me this award below.

Again, sorry for the late tagging, my friend. ^ ^"

So now I would love to pass the first award(Open Source Blog Post) to:

(in no appropriate order)

Julianna - an old friend of mine who shares the same interests as me. =)
LuPorTi - a blogger who no longer complains about the "sucks" line. xD
Fang - I promised to massage for her. ^ ^
Roffe - we always compare the weather and time in our country.
"I" - an Otaku like me. xD
MrLonely - the one who cares about traffic ranking very much lol.
Burp - owns a "noob" band. =P
Elvin - the geek who let me know that placing cactus plant near the PC can decrease radiation towards us. ^ ^
Sengkangbabies - a Singaporean blogger who makes a great daddy. =)
Albert - the blogger who loves to say GBU. xD

There's NO RULE in receiving this award.
You can just grab it without tagging me back or passing it on to other bloggers. Cos I know some bloggers are just too busy/lazy to tag people back, not to mention passing it on to others.
See how considerate+generous I am! Heh Heh!


Unknown said...

nice one

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

Another nice award from Magdalene ~

Thanks !! :D

I like the last part,I can just grab it without any rules... =P

You are really so considerate !! LOL

LuPorTi said...

Thanks Magdalene!
And you are really considerate!

Haha. I have back to my home, won't be suffering in sucks line in my university. Haha.

the Charioteer said...

philip: haha thanks...=)

fang: i know i know~ heh heh...

luporti: you're welcome and thanks~ good for you to be back home! ^ ^

Elvin said...

Haha, Thanks alot for the award! Hehe, and thanks for being considerable. I can't tag on my blog. hahaha. Thanks again!

Kelvin Tan said...

LOL. Ya loh, I'm too busy/lazy to tag back. :P

the Charioteer said...

elvin: welcome!! btw why u cant tag on your blog? o.O

kelvin: i know. it's okay don't really bother about this, rite? =P

roffe said...

Thanks Magdalene, but I normaly don't use to tag awards..

EsandroArtMalang said...

wow, nice

peah @ peps said...

that open source award is cool..(i'm a software programmer by the way)

New Entry: Top 10 Google Keywords

"I" the writer said...

Thanks fellow Otaku-kun ;) Hope u receive much more awards!

the Charioteer said...

roffe: it's okay =)

salsanetwork: thanks hehe

peah: thanks. wow cool! im doing Computer Science btw. ^ ^

"I": welcome~ thank you! xD