Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Vampire Diaries fever

i am currently addicted to

"The Vampire Diaries"

yeshh. season 2 is out. watching it in PPS now.

am waiting for episode 5 on Oct 7.

Elena with Salvatore brothers, Stefan & Damon

(this is my current desktop background)

love you guys~
> <


EeSoon said...

I love this show too!!!
but never finish season 1..

Magdalene Salvatore said...

lol how come? Jeremy is so cute~ > <

domokun said...

waaaa..i am chasing this too..yay 2day new episod is out!!!muahaha cant wait

jennifer said...

great show!=)

Magdalene Salvatore said...

domokun: damn excited rite? haha...xD

jennifer: yes indeed! > <

Phillip said...

I am a fan of this tv series... woo I so love the characters they are perfect for this film

EeSoon said...

because I have no time to chase...
haha... too busy on my workssss... I just manage to watch it on TV sometimes. ^^ that's y.

Magdalene Heuk Salvatore said...

Phillip: cool!! another fan~ yeah the characters are awesome!! awesome looks awesome acts everything's perfect! > <

EeSoon: oic haha...u're lucky cos u can watch it on TV...i need to watch online and that sucks if the line is slow~ =(