Tuesday, September 21, 2010

something lost?

this morning really made me heart attack. i thought my MayBank card is missing cos i couldn't find it anywhere. searched it high and low...

then i suddenly felt scared. maybe it has been lost long time ago already together with my stolen cash a month back when i was still in college. well yeah, there's an incident whereby i lost an amount of RM100++ during my foundation studies at my old campus. it happened that i was in the library revising for the test later, and i just put my wallet inside my bag pack outside the library instead of bringing in along with me. then the nightmare came. when i was about to leave i found that all my money inside my wallet had lost! except a RM1 note.

at that time i was so sure that someone must have stolen my money. but thank God..my ID and other important stuffs were still there...however, losing an amount of RM100++ was still a great loss to me and i felt regret for my careless attitude T.T...so i will take this as a lesson and won't be careless next time!! >.< (p/s: i never tell my parents about this =P)

bdw...ain't it weird of this thief for leaving a RM1 note inside my wallet if he/she intended to steal my money? why didn't he/she just take everything away?? hen na~

okay..back to MayBank card. since i couldn't find it anywhere in the house, i was ready to go to the bank to cancel my account when suddenly i got the feeling to recheck my wallet back for the last time...Whala! there it was! inside my wallet all this time~ akai...i was so careless (again?)...actually there was a part which i missed out to check and it turned out to be where i put this card of mine. duhh. bcos i seldom use MayBank card so i totally forgot where i put it. -.- so everything's settle~ yay =)


this afternoon taught two lil' brats English. they're my neighbours' kids actually. one of them primary 4 another one primary 3. one boy one girl. i never like kids anyway but i admit they're cute in a way. XD tho they're quite naughty sometime. especially the boy. =.= so what i'm trying to emphasize here is ---- i'm a part-time home tutor. =P

maybe can teach them drawings sometimes too. XD

lastly wish everyone Happy Mooncake Festival~ ^ ^


Elvin said...

hahah! careless careless

LuPorTi said...

Be more careful next time.
Happy Mooncake Festival!

Mae-lynn Heuk said...

elvin: yaloh...T.T

luporti: i will...T.T happy mooncake festival ^ ^

LuPorTi said...

Hey, I just noticed your photo. Is that really the piece of RM1 that the thief left? Do you still have it? That piece is valuable you know? A rare piece.

Mae-lynn Heuk said...

erm...actually i steal the pic from the net...lol =P the RM1 note left duno fly to where liao...it's long time story ady what...> < bdw what's so special about that pic? a fake note??

LuPorTi said...

No. The signature. That signature in that piece of RM1 is rare.