Sunday, June 27, 2010

what happened last Friday?


was the first anniversary of our beloved King Of Pop's death.

i will never forget this day cos it is a day before my birthday every year.

during my last birthday on 26.06.2009

i was so shocked when i read the paper in the morning

saying that MJ had passed away the night before.

so my birthday last year was full of MJ

that's quite unique...i guess? =P

and has been a year since his death

his songs were once again played in remembrance of him

wish you R.I.P MJ


I was on my way to Timesquare in a cab with a friend when I heard MJ's songs being played in the radio. Then I remembered. It was MJ's death on this day. That's why I purposely wrote about him as a remembrance following his tragic death
(though it's abit late i know).

I went to Timesquare to find a dress and a high heel for the Prom Night this coming July. So was my friend. I seldom buy dresses or high heels
so I really had no idea what to buy. (I know I am boyish =P) When we reached there we met up with Chia Min, a friend of us from another college and then we shopped together. Luckily she followed us cos both of us didn't know which kind of dress suits us. Her taste was really good. It was her who chose a dress for me.

She spotted a blue dress and said that I look good in blue. I was not sure to buy or not to buy at first cos there's no trying. But then the shop assistant helped me to measure
(roughly) whether I fit the dress or not. It did suit me. She was kinda professional I must say. Must be used to this matter already. =) Then my friend said the dress has fairy-tale-ish look. This made me think of Alice in Wonderland lol. So I finally bought my dress. Thanks to Chia Min.
^ ^

-a sneak peak through my gown-

I noticed that my dress's pattern is blue roses. This reminds me that I had once fall in love with blue roses. I think they are beautiful. So I guess it is really my fate to wear this dress and my theme for the night will be


ain't it beautiful? XD

I only managed to find a dress but not a high heel. was a bit disappointed. I had been searching everywhere for a silver-coloured high heel cos I think silver suits my dark blue dress best. I found two but one of them was way too expensive (for me) and another one was out of stock for my size (7). T.T So I bought none of them.

As it was late already I went home without a high heel. =( Anyway I was happy cos I bought my dress at least.
^ ^

Anyone wanna sponsor me a silver high heel? lol


And now comes to the main event. This was how I celebrated my last-teen birthday.

I was trying to unlock my house door after reaching home from Timesquare when suddenly two of my classmates, Cheow and Jackie appeared behind us. Why were these two guys coming to our house at this late night? (it was around 10.15pm that time) I continued to unlock the door without bothering much about their sudden appearance. It was hard to open the door tonight and I wondered why. Then I finally figured it out. Someone was defending the door from inside. So I stopped there. I was sure they're up to something so I just waited patiently for them to open the door.

After a few minutes, the door opened in a slow pace. I hesitated to go in for a moment cos the door was only opened to a small space. Then Stephanie sneaked out her head and said, "Come in lah. No need to be shy."

As expected, they're preparing a surprise party for me. Walking in, I saw the most romantic scene ever. Lighted candles were fixed to the floor in a kind of way that written "生日快乐". The light was off in the first place so the whole house was in darkness. With only the candles shining brightly on the floor...I can only say that it was really wonderful! I was speechless and just stood there blankly, amazed by the decoration. Then someone suddenly broke the silence by counting 1, 2, 3 and then everyone started to sing birthday songs of different versions along with clapping hands. I was so touched and couldn't stop smiling. Embarrassedly, I thanked them one by one and bowed as my way of gratitude. =)

-this was when I was not in yet. the time when they're defending the door from inside lol-





-lighting in progress. i was still waiting outside-

romantic no?

-i looked like a ghost-

-with WeyChyi, my BFF-

-with LuLu, the indian girl who betrays her own race by joining chinese gang lol-

-with Cheow, the best (fastest) driver i have ever met XD-

-with LiPing, the chief cook in our house and also the mischievous one ever XD-

-with Sam, the Korean-lookalike guy in our batch and also the drummer-

And now comes to the
highlight of the surprise party. My friends bought doughnuts instead of a normal birthday cake for me. This was quite special lol. Like normal birthday celebration, candles-blowing session is a must.

-preparing the candles on top of the doughnuts for me to blow-

-the candles were ready-
i just noticed that there were only 8 candles after i saw this pic.

Before blowing the candles, I was asked to make three wishes. My first wish was to hope that our prom night can be a success. The second was I wish everyone can enjoy the last two months studying together before graduation. The third wish no need to mention lah. Hahaha. After that, I started to blow the candles. This was really the best part of life. The candles wouldn't stop flirking!! Even how hard I blew them but they would just returned alive! I seriously didn't get it. I thought it was me who didn't know how to blow but the truth is I had been fooled by them!! The candles was actually Magic Candles, which are not easily get blowed out. It was WeyChyi's set up. She bought the candles in a shop that sells all those weird stuffs when we shopped during the day at Timesquare. No wonder they were so excited before I started to blow. Duhh. So in the end I used up alot of energy and time to finish them up. F
elt like I have almost 断气 (stop breathing). LOL

-this is a short video during the last moment of candles-blowing session-
sorry if the vid cant be played. my line sucked during the uploading.

After that, it was doughnuts-cutting time. ^ ^

-notice anything odd in this pic?-

I was actually using a 菜刀 (vege knife?) to cut the doughnuts!! See how big was the knife! LOL I use that to cut vege especially carrot when cooking ^~^

-with Stephanie, my 'master' and also my consultant XD-

we purposely took this pic to show our joining half-doughnuts =P
omg my mouth looked so weird cos it was full of doughnuts and my hair looked so messy cos i had not taken my bath yet after coming back lol

We spent the rest of the night chatting away until the clock strikes 12. Until the day I was born. I had fun serving them doughnuts one by one cos they're all so shy to be "suap" by me. Wakakakaka. I also showed them the dress I bought and they asked me to put it on for them to have a look. I couldn't reject cos last time I did the same thing to one of them. =P So I was dressed in my newly-bought gown while playing my guitar in the middle of the celebration surrounded by a group of friends. It did feel nice though. =)

Then, the story ended here.

Thanks for everything guys. Love you all.

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Casley said...

happy birthday sweetie!!! sorry for my late wish.. >< ur friends so nice, made a bday surprise party for u.. sweet!! i had my bday here in nz, a nice one too.. LOL~

Happy birthday once again.. *hugs*