Friday, June 18, 2010

random show out

im running out of topic to blog what should i write?

*thinking hard*


i decide to let the pictures do the job as the saying goes
^ ^

-my first own creation-

it was drawn during the holidays after i had done my PMR.

"Disguise Magic"


-a drawing during exam on the cover of kertas kajang-
i love the top that i designed. XD
"Reflection of A Broken Heart"

-a drawing of my idol-

-tried to draw a boy-

this piece was also drawn during exam.

seems like i like to draw during exam


-tried to draw wings-

again...this piece was drawn during exam =P

and if you observe carefully, there're some shadows/marks of printed words on the paper. it was actually the back of my exam paper XD

"Sleeping Angel"


-a requested artwork-
someone asked me to draw Kikumaru senpai for him and i promised him. so this was it. =)
"Kikumaru Eiji"
(from the anime Prince Of Tennis in case you guys don't know who is him ^ ^)


-an artwork without signature-

this was quite an old artwork already. that time i still haven't start practising signing my name with the date on my drawings. so i can't remember exactly when i drew this. =( but roughly i guess it would be around the year 2003-2004. =)


-coloured version-

i used water colour. it was tough for me cos i'm not good at colouring. just drawing. =( but i still tried to brush some colours on it. =P
so which one better? before or after?
for me it's before cos it's way too colourful. hurting my eyes lol



alright. my Artworks' Show stops here. till the next show peeps.
thanks for viewing. =)

-the mangaka @ comic artist-


Mista Kei said...

You did "spend" your time well on the exams. ^_^

Nice artworks by the way. ~

the Charioteer said...

LOL yes i did =P thanks kei!

Henry Lee said...

i like #2, #6 & #7... i want to see ur artwork painted in photoshop! :)

the Charioteer said...

oh is it? why not all?? wakakakaka...but i don't know how to use photoshop...that's why i never edit my photo...lame me...orz

Cheqna said...

wow..i love ur drawings, u really have talent..keep it up.


the Charioteer said...

thanks Cheqna! glad u like it =)

Sandra Azwan said...

very nice! like it a lot!

Ken Wooi said...

nice drawings :)

the Charioteer said...

sandra and ken: thanks!! xD

mazeermohamad said...

nice! :'P u can beat kaoru later! kih3! :'P

the Charioteer said...

mazeer: LOL i hope i can =P