Saturday, November 28, 2009

All In One part 1

wow...been so long since i last's not really a suitable time for me to blog actually...cos on the day after tomorrow i will be sitting for my first semester's final exam!!! omg~~ but dun care la...suddenly feel like blogging so here i am! XD gotta start writing from the beginning....= =

*filtering out my memories*

#19 Oct 2009

have my first laptop. DELL Inspiron 1440. skyblue in colour. thanks mom! love you~~ XD (tho now my ideal laptop is 13 inch one...cos i find that it's hard to carry 14 inch laptop to heavy wat...then 13 inch one is no too big neither too small...too small like 12 inch one also hard to type and cant insert CD 13 inch is a better choice! but i wont really go buy a new one again wului meh...)

#28 Oct 2009

nearly lost my ATM card!!! 0.0

well it happened that i was transfering my money out before going back home from you know when we transfer money, the atm card will be coming out first before we get the when the card was out i took it out and placed it on top of my wallet on the small table in front of the atm machine....(i duno how to explain it just imagine by yourself or go to atm machine there and see lah haha) and i waited for the cash to come out...just few seconds it was out my wallet, i quickly took the money out and put it inside my wallet...and there the nightmare arised --- my atm card had lost!! panicked, i tried to search for it all over the place...first my wallet...then the atm machine...and the floor...damn!! i found nothing! then i remembered that i had put my card on the small table just now...there's a tiny gap in front of it....which is just enough to insert a card into it....shit! that's it!! my card must have fallen into the atm machine through the gap!! my gawd...T.T

i wasn't alone that time (my friends were in the library) but i thought i want to settle this thing by myself so i went to find the officer to get help...but you know what he said? he said he's not in charge of this matter and asked me to call the wat toll thing...(i think is cimb's helpline) so i called...a women picked up...i told her my problem and she said i need to call the bank not! seemed like they're passing the responsibility to one i understand why Namewee黄明志 did all that "stuffs"....the officers really piss me i asked for the bank's no....she said she dun hv...= can i call for help leh...shit really felt hopeless liao....OTZ

disappointed, i went back to my friends' side and told 'em everything...they felt pity for me too...and then one of 'em wanted to help me out...(she's the one who likes to uncover some mystery cases too many novels XD) so together we went to the "crime spot" again...and she started asking me some detective-soundlike questions....i just told her every detail as much as possible...while listening she observed the atm machine carefully...she looked at the gap...and suddenly she discovered something!! there's a small red rectangular-shaped stuff inside the gap...cant go wrong liao!! it must be my dear atm card!! in order to make sure...we used a ruler to slip it out...yes! it is my card!! friend really sugei desu~ like this also why was i so careless one?? like this oso, THANKS ALOT yeah my friend~~!! missed my card~~~ >_<

#30 Oct 2009

accompanied a friend to take bath cos the light was out and she's afraid to bath alone in the dark....of cos i was not staring at her when she dark couldnt see anything also lol...helped to hold the torch until she finished bathing...funny experience tho...haha

#31 Oct 2009

had our Biology fieldwork + Foundation Day. got the first place in station game. heheh. lazy to describe about this lah....but one thing must remember....we had a "water fight" with seniors. so it's Juniors foundation vs Seniors foundation. LOL had fun really. be continued


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