Monday, October 29, 2012

New Look is Up !

Dear readers,

Guess what? I have just dyed my hair for the first time! And the reason behind the decision to dye my hair is to brighten up my dull life. Life's been pretty bored/stress in campus so I decided to do something crazy, even if it means breaking the rule, to make my life more interesting/colourful.

As I can't change the environment, either the people or the uncomfortable situation that I'm living in, I can change me. I don't have a strong mindset so I can't change my perspective towards them, if you wonder why I didn't go for that way. Please understand weak-minded people like me kay. In my previous post, I did admit that I'm a hypocrite right? That's my way. I can't change my view towards them but I can act like nothing happens and still be nice to people/happenings which cause me troubles. Ain't I hypocrite, you say? But I do suffer a lot being like that and that's why I decided to do something on myself. Something obvious enough to make myself feel like another person. Which is creating a new image. So, I thought of dyeing my hair. Purposely chose a bright colour to dye. If not, it won't be an obsolete change.

As expected, it turned out great and I like my new hair colour. However, there're some important people in my life that dislike my sudden change. Though all their reasons for disagreement are for my own good. I understand. But what's been done is done. Nothing they can do about it. Unless I go and dye my hair back to black colour. And we all know that it's a waste of money. To be frank, their disapproval kinda makes me regret for dyeing my hair cos I get influenced easily by what these important people advise in my life. But as I said, what's done is done. I used to live with this quote, "No Regret Life", and I hope I still do.

Anyway, despite all that, do you readers like my new look? Hope to hear sincere opinions from you guys. Good night and sleep well. :)

Yours truly,
The weird mortal


Schokoladeladelade said...

Aiya, don't k what ppl say la...aldy dye then just let it be la...not illegal la...i don't understand why must against...u see, we all were against dyeing hair but now...ALL DYED=.= Haiya nth one laaaa...very nice laaaa ur colour...mine aldy takde colour huhuhu:(((

Schokoladeladelade said...

oh ya, one more thing, hypocrite ppl don't feel bad themselves. It's just that we don't want to fight and quite low self-esteem...we scared will lose if we fight/scold others who hurt us. So, basically, we are more like cowards, hating others for making us cowards. In the end, we hate ourselves more.

the Charioteer said...

yep u know me so well~ hypocrite is just a better word to describe myself than using the rude word 'coward' lol

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

Wow you really looks different after you dye your hair with color haha !! By the way It's a good thing, you looks good with the nice color !! =D

Shan said...

Aw, I like your hair colour. Your contact lenses suit it alot too :) When I coloured my hair last month, I felt amazing. I think you know what I mean, right? Anyway, doesn't matter what people like or don't like. If your hair colour is not harming anyone or yourself, then wear it proud!

the Charioteer said...

fang: thanks !! :D

kingyo: aww i just saw your comment now...haha...thanks for your support!! will wear it proudly! :)